Q:  How do I become an Essence Certified Dealer?

A: Essence Certified Dealers are thoroughly vetted and are verified/licensed businesses. For application information please email us at inquires@essence.foundation with 'Essence Certified Dealer' in the heading.


Q: When will I be able to buy real property with XES?

A: The Essence Exchange will have a soft opening with limited XES mediated transactions by end of Q4 2019, and full integration with the Essence Platform auction network by the end of Q1 2020 (Sunday March 31 2020).


Q: I have an innovative and novel tech start up and would like to collaborate with The Essence Project, how do?

A:  Please email us at info@essence.foundation with 'Innovation' in the heading.


Q: How do I join the Essence Team?

A:  Please email us at info@essence.foundation with 'Join Essence' in the heading.


Q: What happens if the Essence Project does not reach its funding goal?

A:  The Essence Project will have a third party auditor determine the probability of reaching our goals and we will proceed accordingly.


Q:  Is buying XES risky?

A: Yes, any purchase of cryptocurrencies carries risk and all buyers should refer to our PPM before purchasing. Owning Essence Token (XES) does not give a share in the Essence Foundation, the Essence Exchange, the Essence Platform, Quintessence Tech, or any affiliated businesses/ventures.


Q: What is The Essence Project?

A:  The Essence Project is a set of decentralized applications and technologies designed to revolutionize the auction industry by introducing smart contracts, increasing transparency, recording and sharing sales information and trends, and providing secure and fast transactions.


Q: Where can I buy XES?

A: Currently XES is only available for sale on essence.foundation, once the ICO has concluded we will be listed for sale on outside cryptocurrency exchanges.